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Hi, my name is Theresa Doan Pham

I graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce in 2001 from The University of Melbourne, the number one university in Australia.

I worked for two companies in natural source products and a well-known legal services company in Melbourne CBD for three years.

Then it was my destiny to work for a large Not-for-profit community services organisation, receiving Australian government funding, for the last 19 years. I'm currently a team leader of a small accountant team in our Finance Department.

I really love my current job. However, I would also wish to make extra earnings so that my children can receive a better education quality and I can financially support my elderly parents, family and friends back home in Vietnam.

This digital business is also my backup plan when unexpected situations may happen to our little family in the future (as my husband had a work injury 15 years ago and recently had diagnosed with some white-blood-cell disorder).

I also realize that technology has changed the world a lot, in the way we work, the way we live, the way we communicate and the way we trade. Thus, I choose not to fight it, but embrace it.

After a considerable time of searching, investigating and valuating different business models, I believe this digital business is the right model which has eliminated all the limits and errors that previous business models had.

Being a digital business owner, I was from a low-tech person to become a medium to high-tech person now catching up new changes in technology and improve my interpersonal skills. And all the training sessions to uplift our technology capabilities incur nothing.

It is the time to work smarter, not harder!

Theresa Doan Pham xxx

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I was a factory worker for 20 years and started this business with zero knowledge. Now, I'm doing this business successfully in the comfort of my own home, while spending quality time with my family and grandkids!


I used to work three jobs in the hospitality industry. Now, I'm my own boss and I can travel whenever I want!


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